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Received Quickly!!!

I'm loving it. Thanks for fast delivery.


Highly recommend

Recommend product.

The product arrive very quickly. It worked wonders on my pain. I am going to try the another two favors.

We love it!

It’s our favorite! And the customer service is the best we’ve had in a long time. The flavor great, the quality is excellent and they will forever have our business!


Surprised. A VERY great product. Will purchase it AGAIN. THANK YOU. VERY PLEASED

Best cbd oil ever

I've tried many brands, even some of the best known brands and this is the very best. I have ptsd and anxiety and this helps greatly. I take the recommended amount and it works great, love the previous measured dropper. Delivery and customer service are the best by far. Will be ordering again. Thanks

Personal use

Not sure what to expect!My foot stopped hurting? Wife says it seems to help her neck were nothing else has.

Even better

I loved the Raspberry Coconut since day 1 and have just got my hands on the new flavours they are even better than I thought and the pineapple is delicious 😋

Pina is a Winner!

Another brilliant flavour for Little Rick!

Loved the original and this is even better. The perfect way to kick back and start the weekend. I’ll be ordering again soon!

What a treat!!!

Tried my first one last night. I am suffering with tmj which is really painful at moment. This drink is delicious, especially compared to another company who sells a cbd infused drink, after finishing full can I definitely felt the effects of the cbd. My jaw relaxed, pain dissipated for enough time that I could fall asleep and stay asleep. It was such a treat and I'm opening second one so I can sleep through this damn pain!!
Thank you, Thank you!!

Best ever

Love this Lip Balm , I am unable to wear lipsticks and lips balms
but this stuff is wonderful. Been using this brand for almost 2 years now and no
allergic reaction ever.

H’s Lips

Great product. My uses chapstick everyday, I git her this and she switched to it and still uses it everyday! Only better!

This is my favourite flavour

I have tried both flavours now and the elderflower lime flavour suits my taste better. Both products help with spasm (I have MS)for me which, is a great bonus. Buying is an easy and straight forward deal and delivery followed very shortly afterwards. I'd recommend that people try both flavours but for me the elderflower version is perfect.Thank you!

My sleep saviour! I take this CBD Oil every evening before I go to bed to help me sleep and it is by far the best one I've tried. Customer for life!

Very impressive oil, there is no doubt it's reduced my recovery time after working out

I’ve only recently heard of the benefits of CBD oil and i’m truly surprised how quickly it takes to work. My recovery time after a big workout has dropped from 2-3 days to less than 24 hours. Totally amazed by the results!

Perfect sleep

This is the perfect dosage for me. I have been getting the best sleep of my life.

Excellent CBD

I waited too long to finally try Pinnacle. I have experience others brands, but truthfully none of them were as effective as Pinnacle. I am totally impressed with the quality and service that I received. Thank you so much for all the attention you place in your quality of product. It's highly effective! You will not regret trying Pinnacle. GREAT stuff!

Where have you been all my life?

I was a late starter of CBD oil. I have had severe back pain for many years. After 4 surgeries the pain was still very bad. I had given up on a pain free life until I tried CBD oil. Other brands helped but when I finally tried Pinnacle my world changed. It truly is a game changer. You cannot imagine what your life can be like until you try it. Thanks for the product and the good service.

Amazing Product!

We’ve used Pinnacle brand for a while now and the Kokoro is our favorite! Plus, they have the best customer service!

Pleasant Taste

Tastes faintly like lemongrass. Very nice and gets the job done.

Amazing results

Excellent product. Really has helped with rest and recovery in particular. Sleep is significantly better in particular. 5 star!

Came from Snapchat

Saw this advertised on my snap-chat on Thursday. Thought I'd give it a go - delivered on Friday. Had a great weekend with this product.
Me and my mates finished a 12 pack over the night while relaxing and listening to music. One of the funnest nights I've had in a long time! Definitely will be coming back.

Little pro tip - also mixes well with white rum.

Great twist, very drinkable

Really great work on the new flavour - I've been a fan of the Raspberry for ages and this is a great alternative.

Its pretty close to the flavour of lilt with that wavy Little Rick hit, big fan and will be stocking up again soon.


One of two great new flavours, compliments the first, brilliant.

Real good taste

I found these at a business expo called IDE and I was an exhibitor there, we exchanged some product and because I liked the drink so much I bought a 12 pack of the Pina. Definitely needed the drink after the long journey back. Look forward to trying these with Rum as well.

Pro Tip: compliments 3rd party THC products very nicely.

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