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Before going into detail about Peng CBD and the CBD based products, we should first check out about the vape industry and the impact it has produced in the past five years. As Peng CBD is very closely related to the vape market lets, look at some demographics.

Peng CBD Overview

Ever since the inception of vape and e-cigarettes, this industry has been on the boom. People have considered as a better alternative to traditional smoking. Although this sounds sketch about how much better is vaping in contrast to conventional smoking, the perception and draw of the general consumer has been towards it since its inception and is increasing day by day. The amount of vaper was about seven million back in 2011, and it took a massive jump in 2018, and the number increased to 41 million in 2018. New market research by Euromonitor shows that the number of users who vape will reach almost 55 million by 2021. On the other hand, according to the world health organization, there has been a steady decrease in the estimated number of smokers all over the world. In light of these facts, we can easily predict that the world is moving away from tobacco and traditional ways of smoking to innovations like vaping.

The overall net worth of the vaping industry is expanding with huge numbers. The current vape market is estimated to be worth around $19.3bn (£15.5bn) in contrast to the figures of the previous five years that were $6.9bn (£5.5bn). Most of this revenue is generated from the USA, UK, and France vapers in these three countries alone spent more than $10bn (£8bn) on vapes and its related products in 2018. There are two noteworthy types of vapes open and closed tanks. The open tanks can be refilled while the closed tanks are made as a limited use product made to dispose of after a specific time, they have prefilled tanks and are screwed directly into the vape. However, the close tanks are mostly used due to their reusability feature and the option to add different flavored liquids (more on that later).

We had all the talk on vape and its related products, but what actually is it. For those who, for some reason, was sleeping for the past 5,6 years or are not that much into smoking might not know what actually are these products. In simplest terms, the word vaping means inhaling aerosol and exhaling it, which in turn produces a massive cloud of smoke, just like most of you have seen in those popular YouTube videos. A lot goes into this process in contrast to smoking, which is just merely inhaling burnt tobacco. First, there is a vape tank that contains the vape liquid or vape juice, then there is the coil, which is the heating mechanism that turns the liquid into an aerosol that is then inhaled. The coils are heated using the battery power situated inside the vape. Many companies have jumped into this vape business, making different products related to the industry, including vape tanks, coils, and, most importantly, vape juices and vape kits, one such brand is Peng CBD, but there’s catch with it.

Peng CBD

As previously discussed that CBD has gained massive popularity in a small amount of time, and there are many parallels between the CBD and Vaping industry. Both were new contenders, and both have gained a tremendous public response. However, the CBD market is expanding differently. They are making new products everyday infused with CBD content. In today’s day and age, you pick a CBD product, and there are very high chances that there would be CBD alternative to it. The same is the case with the vape industry. There are quite a few brands now that make CBD infused vape juices and vape starter kits. Peng CBD is one such brand. Along with a wide range of products, Peng CBD specializes in vape liquids.

Why Choose Peng CBD

Peng CBD makes vape liquids out of pure industrial hemp extracts, and their product range includes both pure CBD infused vape juices along with full-spectrum products, which include other essential compounds and nutrients. Not only are these flavors available in numerous amount of flavors and CBD content, including 10ml,20ml, and 30ml strengths, but all these flavors are tasty and rejuvenating and produce calming effects in consumers. All the products by Peng CBD are made using high-grade award-winning CBD Oil and ensuring the THC content is below 0.2%, which is the EU approved limit. So by selecting from Peng CBD, you have the peace of mind along with the best CBD product.

Products By Peng CBD

Peng CBD makes a wide assortment of products apart from its signature item, which the CBD vape oil. They also produce tasty hemp-based CBD gummies in various flavors, and CBD Cola Cubes by Peng CBD is also very famous among the CBD consumers. Apart from all these, their unique lineup consists of CBD Banana Chips, CBD Cashew Nuts, and CBD infused Goji Berries. The CBD Paste by Peng CBD is used for cosmetic purposes. Peng CBD caters to various CBD needs of consumers ranging from vapes to treats and topicals.

Get the best Peng CBD UK in our online store UK. We have a range of high-quality hemp products. Explore now and get your favorite flavors of vape juice Peng CBD hold cannabidiol hemp-extracted that are available in different flavors. All products contain less amount of THC that is a safe limit. Products contain zero nicotine and are not psychoactive. Products comprise natural and artificial flavoring including pure hemp raised ingredients. The extraction process preserves the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and nutrients. It has many health benefits, provides you relaxing and calmative effective without giving you high.

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