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CBD is the word that is heard everywhere in the current landscape, everywhere form shelves of wellness centers to detox spas, herbal cafes, and the household of every wellness enthusiast. CBD has seeped everywhere. The main reason behind it is because of the limitless potential benefits that CBD possesses. People are drawing towards CBD in massive numbers, which has provided an opportunity for many brands to step in the ever-growing CBD industry. One such brand in Ohm Brew that makes products mostly related to vapes. But what is the connection between vape and CBD? Well, another positive aspect of CBD is that it is a very versatile product and can be incorporated in a range of different types of items, including vapes.

Ohm Brew Overview

The adaptability range of CBD is vast. That is why there a number of CBD products in the market ranging from CBD edibles, CBD topicals, and CBD smoking products, of which the CBD vape is a part. Ohm Brew has kept its focus on the vaping industry since its inception back in the day. Ohm Brew makes every kind of Vape product, whether it is vape pods, coils, or vape kits, Ohm Brew has it all. Since the inception of CBD and the number of customers it garnered over the recent past, it was evident that CBD would incorporate itself in the vaping industry at some point. That has been the major plus point for Ohm Brew that they grabbed this opportunity and became the pioneers in launching CBD infused vape products to the consumers in the UK.

Origins Of Ohm Brew

With so many risks that were associated with regular smoking habits because of the harmful chemicals in it like tobacco, tar, and nicotine, there was a need for some alternatives that would replace these harmful smoking trends. Need is the mother of invention, and to replace these smoking trends, vapes were introduced. Vaping is largely considered as a much healthy alternative to conventional smoking; however, there is still debate on this topic. Ohm Brew rose to prominence with its desire to give up smoking, a feat that was extremely hard to accomplish. But they invested all their hopes in the vaping community and finally succeeded in 2017 by taking things into their own hands after years of shallow vaping experience.

Ohm Brew started producing quality E liquids and introduced many exciting flavors in the vaping community that was never experienced before. Products made to cater to both hardcore vapers and those new to the community, Ohm brew, have every fence covered. The core objective of Ohm Brew is to pull people away from harmful smoking habits and draw them to the exciting world of vaping. With its roots in Belfast, Ohm Brew is part of a limited number of local brands that make quality E-liquids for modern vapers and caters to the UK vaping community’s needs. All the ingredients are locally sourced, and the products are made in their factory situated in Belfast.

CBD Products By Ohm Brew

As Ohm Brew specializes in every type of E-liquid, whether type or flavor, they got it all, so it was natural at some point that CBD would be integrated into their range of E-liquids. Although many brands make CBD infused E-liquids, no one does it like Ohm Brew. That’s because Ohm Brew is specifically dedicated to making CBD infused liquids, and they have been doing it all their lives. Ohm Brew has mastered the art of E liquids, and this capability has immensely helped them to create the most premium CBD infused E-liquids.

With the most exciting and premium range of CBD E-liquids, Ohm brew now aims to capture the CBD market as well as they did with the vaping industry. With flavors like Raspberry Sorbet, Lemon & Lime Lolly, Blueberry bubble, and Blue Slush, Ohm Brew is committed to providing its users with a smooth vaping experience along with the adequate dose of CBD with every vaping session. The CBD used in the E liquids is obtained from pure UK grown hemp, which is both organic and best in quality. This shows the commitment that Ohm Brew has made to its customers to provide them with the best in terms of flavors and quality.

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