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CBD surrounds us all in this day and age today. There is a sort of resurrection of the wellness industry in the past decade. The trends around health and wellness have evolved continuously throughout the history of mankind, but one thing has remained intact, that is hemp. The earliest reported usage dates back to 3000 BC back in the Egyptian empire. Hemp has always been used for medical and recreational purposes in ancient times, and this trend has been continuous even today. The modern form of cannabis has been quite different from what was used in the past. Today there are many legalities present regarding the user of cannabis due to its mind-bending effects. The cannabis extracts like hemp is mostly used for personal and industrial purposes. This is where CBD comes from, which is the main component behind industrial hemp. CBD is where Live Well CBD comes into the picture.

Live Well CBD Overview

CBD is a very unique and new product. Since the usage of hemp became legal in 2018 by the passing of the Farm Bill in the USA, there have been many efforts to introduce the conventional hemp in the form of CBD to the market. These efforts have also been successful for the most part, and CBD has emerged as the champion of the current wellness trend. People have stormed the wellness stores for CBD products, and now it has moved from the shelves of nutritional stores as just another nutritional supplement. Now CBD has seeped into detox centers, wellness cafes, gyms, and in every household. This has all been possible because of the immense love CBD has received from its users. Now there are many different types of CBD products currently present in the consumer market that caters to a number of day to day needs of users. Live Well CBD is one such brand that makes many high-quality products for the general consumer.

CBD is available in many forms today like topicals in the form of CBD cream, edibles like CBD gummies, as a pain-relieving solution like muscle rubs, and the signature product the CBD oil drops. Live Well CBD provides you with all these products, but the question is that many other brands also sell these products, then what’s the difference. Well, the difference is of quality, customer satisfaction, and the promise to give the best. This is the motto of Live Well CBD. Choosing the right brand is very critical because, due to the legality around CBD, it is not approved by any food and drug regulatory authority. This includes FDA and FSA alike, so there is no formal monitoring of the ingredients and contents in CBD products. The government only monitors the THC levels, which is the psychoactive component of hemp. Apart from that, the actual ingredients, the CBD content, and other compounds are not regulated adequately.

This is why customers are advised to buy from well-reputed brands that are in the industry for a long time and have established a name and customer base like Live Well CBD. Extracting CBD is a complicated and costly process. This extraction process is the core step of CBD and its subsequent benefits. If there is any fault in the extraction process, then other cannabinoids would also be mixed in the resultant oil, diminishing the actual properties of CBD. The other difficult task is the extraction of THC from the CBD mix. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main component responsible for the mind-bending effects associated with cannabis-derived drugs like weed and marijuana. THC is a controlled substance in many countries according to the law, and this ratio is 0.3% in the USA, while 0.2% in the UK. Many CBD brands already monitor the THC content in their products while there are also brands like Live Well CBD that doesn’t even include CBD altogether in their products.

About Live Well CBD

As the demand for CBD products increased, so did the competition and saturation. This demand was further fueled by the positive word of mouth, as well as the potential benefits that CBD possessed. Soon CBD became the next big thing coming out of this wellness trend. There were products and brands left and right selling different type of CBD products. This at first increased the options for the customers to choose from but, in the long run, deteriorated the quality of products that many small brands were manufacturing. There were many discrepancies, and cases were reported of misbranding and usage of low-quality ingredients. This led to many customers losing trust in CBD altogether; however, the actual culprit was the brand and not CBD itself. This act was carried out mainly by small brands who were in the industry just to make a quick buck out of this trend and didn’t care about the health and wellness of yeh users.

After seeing this pattern Live Well, CBD stepped up to be a brand that would provide quality CBD products and that too in low prices so that no one should be left out from capitalizing the benefits of CBD. For the past couple of years, Live Well CBD has been actively working to fulfill its mission, which was to make CBD easily accessible to every individual around the globe while maintaining the highest quality of products and giving them at the best price possible. This not only made Live Well CBD a global name in the CBD market, but emphasizing on quality also ensured the trust of customers on CBD and Live well CBD specifically. Now Live Well CBD has made a name for itself in the global hemp market, reaching far and wide to Europe and UK and introducing Live Well CBD UK as a subsidiary working in Europe.

Quality Standards of Live Well CBD

As Live Well CBD proved itself to be a worthy contender in the vast field of expensive CBD brands, they had to ensure that their quality was up to the mark of these big brands. They continuously worked towards their quality and now are on par with many huge CBD brands providing the same products and quality but at much lower prices. The products by Live Well CBD are made out of purely organic ingredients, including pure hemp extract. They also ensure that all their items are completely free from any GMOs, pesticides, and are gluten-free. But probably the most important factor in the quality of Live Well CBD products is that they make items that are completely free from any THC content that means that THC isn’t even present altogether, let alone below the government-approved limits. This allows the consumer to freely use their products without any fear of intoxication or high sensations. Live Well CBD UK does not just make these claims, but all of their products are tested by third-party laboratories to ensure transparency.

Products by Live Well CBD

Live Well CBD makes a wide range of CBD products. The live well CBD oil is already a very famous product. Apart from that, Live Well CBD UK makes products including topicals like CBD lotions and creams. Their muscle pain rub is the best seller product in the UK. Anything ranging from bath bombs to vape liquids and oils, muscle rubs, and pet oils are made by Live Well CBD, ensuring the highest quality standards and utilizing the best US-grown hemp. Initially starting out in the US, Live Well CBD eventually grew to other parts of the world as the need of CBD products increased. Now Live Well CBD operates in most parts of Europe and the UK, supplying the English customers with the best US grown hemp products under the brand name of Live Well CBD UK. Every CBD related product, whether in the form of edibles, topicals, or smokeable form, can be bought from Live Well CBD UK that promises the best price and quality in the region. Visit CBD Oil Den ( for a massive range of Live Well CBD products.

Achievements of Live Well CBD

Live Well CBD has original and award-winning products. It is famous for its oral CBD. You can buy the best and pure Live Well CBD from our online store. We offer the best prices and gives you a discount.

LVWell CBD, previously live well CBD, give you the best possible award-winning LVWell CBD products. Regarded for optimal oral CBD product, Vape CBD services and products, and much more. We give Complete Spectrum CBD services and products which may be utilized vaporized or orally at an e-cigarette.

Cultivated from the EU, expressed through supercritical Co2 extraction we get that our raw paste, which is often used since it’s or lightly winterized based upon the LVWell CBD assortment it’s supposed for. These methods guarantee LVWell CBD infusion stays a pure and comprehensive infusion, as nature planned.

These services and products comprise significantly less than 0.2percent THC.

In LVWell CBD we feel because of the essence with this system it really should not be marketed for minors, so because of this, we urge most our stalls to employ an obstacle 2 1 policy very similar principles based on the nation of sale. In addition, we create no statements about their health care advantages of the services and products and counsel physicians to do the exact same.

Each one of the services and products that we market is under 0.2 percent THC content material.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Who is Live Well CBD?

Live Well CBD started using a vision to earn excellent CBD services and products reachable to millions more possible customers as CBD turned into a mainstream industry.

The founders of this LVWell brand name are experienced CBD people and found that particular types of CBD are for many years period. For this reason, they developed a selection of products that most comprise a Full Spectrum infusion with a palatable flavor.

Live Well CBD launched it in Vape Jam 2018 in London and we were an immediate success, drawing the eye of thousands of visitors 3 days ahead of this trade show, they’ve carried the product onto additional key Tradeshows and experienced exactly the exact success at just about every time.

LVWell CBD fast became probably one of their most popular CBD goods in great Britain with tens of thousands of bottles of the oral CBD and vape CBD selling daily. Now it had been decided to refine the products and offer a greater range of services and products at a higher quality than the standard in the business. They launched that the 3 ranges we now have now, Raw, Winterised, and Max, using that which they’d learned out of the first product-we added flavorings, used distinct carrier fluids, and altered our packaging to dramatically improve the product, by famous demand capsules, and therapeutic massage oils along with muscle rubs were introduced.

Our packaging and brand were extensively researched, we’ve taken advice from trading criteria and different regulatory and governmental bodies with an opinion to be one of the absolute most compliant CBD merchandise brand names.

They are members of the HFMA (Healthfood Manufacturers Association) along with the CTAUK (Cannabis Trades Affiliation UK).

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